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“Mom.” A parenting epiphany

Sometimes you realize the importance of a moment only in hindsight, but sometimes you’re instantly aware that a moment has changed you forever. My parenting epiphany occurred while playing “Go Fish” with my then three-year old son. Go Fish is a simple card game; the object is … Continue reading

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I don’t know how she does it: Stories of plant scientists with children

Originally published on Sept 2027. A recent blog post, “How does she do it?” featured stories of women in neuroscience who have successful scientific careers and families. This post prompted a few of us who are plant scientists and … Continue reading

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Advent Botany Day 12: Lessons from Plants

For many years, the plant and botany communities have shared stories about plants during the month of December using the hashtag #AdventBotany. After a brief hiatus, it’s back, with a focus this year on #BotanyBooks #AdventBotany2023. I chose to highlight … Continue reading

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